MAD1 iCST resources

The resources below accompany Making a Difference 1. Please be aware that these clips are by no means perfect examples of CST sessions and every facilitator, group and session is different. Whilst they will give you some useful tips and guidance, they also include situations where the key principles were not followed and where the material, pitch, pace and content could have been better. When watching the clips, ask yourself (or discuss in groups) the following questions:
  1. Key Principles: Were any demonstrated well? Were any ignored or not used sufficiently?
  2. Facilitation: For example, wording of questions, directedness, pace. Could this have been improved / done differently?
  3. Environment: For example, room layout, seating, presentation of materials. Could this have been improved / done differently?
  4. The activity itself: Was it suitable for the group and did they seem engaged? Or was it too easy / too difficult / not appealing to their interests? Would you make any changes here?

Physical Games (Session 1)

Sound (Session 2)

Childhood (Session 3)

Food (Session 4)

Current Affairs (Session 5)

Faces/Scenes (Session 6)

Associated Words (Session 7)

Being Creative (Session 8)

Categorising Objects (Session 9)

Orientation (Session 10)

Using Money (Session 11)

Number Games (Session 12)

Word Games (Session 13)

Team Quiz (Session 14)